Not just a pretty face, this beauty tool is a lovely device for spending some time massaging tired muscles on the face, assisting with penetration of skincare products through facial massage into the skin, whilst also promoting circulation through gentle massage.


Back to our roots with our TEA TIME BABY limited release. Now in biodegradable bags from plant materials, these TEA TIME BABY bundles of goodness are full of botanicals bliss to nourish your skin. ✨

Dream Crystals

Meet our newest addition to the body range ✨ Our DREAM CRYSTALS are diffused with dragon fruit to provide a goddess like bath experience. Crafted using unrefined, solar-evaporated salt from the southern Dead Sea in Israel combined with antioxidant rich botanicals, these bath salts are those of your DREAMS.

Take care of your body 🌿

How’re you taking care of yourself today?👇🏼 We hope that you’re taking some time today just for you! Self-care and wellness go together like two peas in a pod.