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  • Your face roller is not just a modern day tool for skincare application, it has been used for over a thousand years in Traditional Chinese Medicine.

    Our Rose Quartz Face Roller loves to make you glow. It is an incredible tool to assist in enhancing the effectiveness of your beauty routine and promoting circulation, whilst also gently stimulating the lymphatic system to combat puffiness and water retention on the face and neck. It is also the perfect way to treat yourself to a massage and boost infiltration of your serum or oil into the skin.

    Rose Quartz is the stone of unconditional love and opens the heart to all types of love including ourselves. We can all do with some more of that.

    Our Good Vibes roller has vibrations to assist with your facial massage and infusion of your skincare products. 

  • Turn on device by twisting at the tip of device. Apply our face oil or serum to your clean and dry face, neck and décolletage. Using only very gentle pressure to avoid any bruising, start at the jawline, massage in an outward direction, then work from the base of the neck up to the jaw. Continue your gentle treatment along the cheeks starting inwards and working in an outward direction. Massage across the brow bones starting at the centre of the face working outwards and finishing on the temple using the roller in an upward direction.


    Interchange the roller head as required: 

    1) Large smooth roller 

    2) Flat under eye head 

    3) Round roller head


    Turn off after use. Do not allow vibrating roller to come into contact with water or moisture. Store in a cool, dry place.


    Requires 1 x AA battery (not included).


    The Vibrating Rose Quartz Face Roller should be handled with care, dropping the tool from even a small distance can cause it to crack, break or become damaged. Due to the natural nature of this stone, no two pieces are the same; small imperfections in the stone are part of its natural beauty and testament to its heritage.


    Mode of operation:


    1.      Device uses 1 x AA battery.

    2.      ON: switch cover at end of device in a counter clockwise direction.

    3.      OFF: switch cover at end of device in a clockwise direction.


    How change the battery:


    1.      Please use 1 x AA battery.

    2.      Twist the entire cover at the end of device counter clockwise.

    3.      When the switch cover is becoming loose, please continue to twist counter clockwise until the switch cover is entirely unscrewed and can be removed.

    4.      Remove the old battery, place the new battery into device ensuring that the negative electrode is directed into the body of the device.

    5.      Put the switch cover back on and twist clockwise until cap is firmly screwed into device.

    6.      Use as required.

    7.      Do not allow any water to come into contact with device.


    Important handling information:


    Always turn device off after use. Remove battery if you are not using device on a regular basis. Do not allow vibrating roller to come into contact with water or moisture. Store in a cool, dry place.